Your $$ at Work

Small Donations make the difference

Small Donations make a big Difference

Community Kollel is supported in large part (nearly 40% of our budget!) by small individual donations.

Hundreds of people turn to us during the holidays

We welcome large crowds of unaffiliated adults and families who would otherwise not celebrate the holidays to our high holiday dinners, services, and celebrations.

Our Spiritual, Social and Business events connect hundreds of adults (20-50 yrs old) to their Judaism and each other

Our Mini Kollel classes, programs, family dinners, and special events introduce children as well as parents to the joys of their heritage

Weekly Friday Night Dinners

Over 80 adults (20-50 yrs old) join us each Friday for services and stay for dinner and socializing. These dinners have created thousands of friendships, hundreds of business connections and dozens of long term relationships.


1000s of friendships

100s of business connections

Dozens of relationships