April 2016

This week at the Kollel
  • Sunday 24 April
    16 Nisan
  • Monday 25 April
    17 Nisan
  • Tuesday 26 April
    18 Nisan
  • Wednesday 27 April
    19 Nisan
  • Thursday 28 April
    20 Nisan
  • Friday 29 April
    21 Nisan
  • Saturday 30 April
    22 Nisan
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First Seder – at the Diamond Ballroom

Community Seder
4th Floor – 1495 West 8th Ave. (8th and Granville)
Friday, April 22, 2016 - 8:30pm

Choose to celebrate Pesach as you would at home but without all the prep work and with an amazing extended family.
Join the Community Kollel for our warm community wide Seders. The Kollel's Passover Seders have become a local tradition and attract hundreds of people. Experience an inspiring evening full of insights, singing of Passover songs and of course, a full gourmet Passover Seder meal.

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